Cooking Over a Camp Grill

It’s there. Are you hungry? Anyone can become a great chef by cooking with a camp barbecue over an open fire.

It’s all so satisfying to smell, taste, and request seconds!

Outdoor cooking is possible for anyone with the right tools. Let’s start with the basics of a camp grill that can be used over a campfire ring or an outdoor fire pit.

You can bring a basic stainless-steel camp grill along. They are lightweight and compact, so they take up little space. These are what you will need to cook on an open fire. They can be found at most outdoor shops.

Many campsites have campfire rings. They usually have a thin metal grate. I don’t think it is necessary. They won’t be very clean and can hold a lot less food.

After the fire has been built and the flames have slowed down, you can put your meal on the grill.

Keep an eye out for hot spots, where the flames might burn hotter or higher than usual. Do not leave the grill unattended!

This is how to cook campfires.

Before you use your grill, make sure it is clean.

Marinate your meat or tofu ahead of time in ziplock bags. Then, freeze. You can then place it on the grill.

It’s easy to grill vegetables! You can grill your vegetables by simply wrapping foil in foil. Sprinkle some salt and pepper on the vegetables, and then close the foil. Place on the camp grill, and flip frequently. It is also easy to grill potatoes. They can be grilled whole, but for faster cooking I recommend slicing them.

You can make a delicious, flame-baked dinner with foil-wrapped vegetables, potatoes, and meats or tofu.

There are no pots and pans to wash so clean up is easy. Then you can enjoy your family’s evening before it’s time for smores!

To cook on an open fire, you will need a camp barbecue. However, if you are camping and there is no fire ban or you prefer to use camp stoves instead, then you should bring along a 2 burner camp stove.

These should be collapsible to provide wind protection and heat control for both burners. We love the Coleman brands, but there are many options.

In case the stove is not available, we bring “legs” for portable stoves.

A hibachi is another addition to our camping cooking supply list. We place our hibachi right on top the fire pit grill to get some camp grilling flavour when we camp during fire bans.

Bon Appetit

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